Biography Brief Outline

Ulrike Reisner is a university graduated free lance political analyst and lecturer based in Vienna, Austria. Her academic background combines cultural and communications sciences on the one hand and political sciences including governance on the other. She also passed an academic course in applied economics.

For more than 15 years she has been a lecturer in political sciences and regional development both for Bachelor and for Master Programmes at the University of Applied Sciences Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. Ulrike Reisner is a co-partner of the law office Stix Rechtsanwälte Kommandit-Partnerschaft in Vienna, Austria.

Her academic interest focuses on international politics and international political communications, with special emphasis on EU and Eastern European relations. For the past years Ulrike Reisner has done independent research on EU elites‘ political rhetorics and media narratives concerning the Russian Federation.

PanPerestroika is her platform to publish selected pieces of her commentaries and analyses and inviting people to an international exchange of ideas.

Photo: Bernhard Aichner