Dossiers sur l'Ukraine

Ce dossier contient six analyses sur l'impact des conflits autour de l'Ukraine sur l'UE.

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European Union:
The Destructive Work of Sanctions

The economic outlook for Europe's economy is devastating. Numerous companies are under massive pressure to withdraw from Russia. American elite universities like Yale and Stanford are at the forefront. Under the pretext of "science", they are preparing the ground for an economic raid in Europe.

This analysis was first published on and Meeting Russia Blog.

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Energy Crisis:
The Struggle for Scarce Resources

Climate change and the Ukraine conflict are being used as a pretext to declare a state of energy emergency in the European Union. This time, Europe is paying with inflation, recession, creeping expropriation and impoverishment. However, it is more about securing the energy needs of the technostructure so that it can further develop its instruments of domination.
This analysis was first published on and Meeting Russia Blog.

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Leadership crisis in the EU

Assuming that the fundamental necessity for (cultural) evolutionary processes exists in communication and cooperation, then within a political system - but also between political systems - the primary task for politicians is communication on a rational, evidence-based basis and cooperation with the aim of reconciling interests as far as possible without the use of violence.

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Innovative political communication

Today, immunisation against the rational discourse is once again taking place through political and religious dogmas. The new media supports the (re)production of simple political explanations. In the globalised digitised world, the answer to political propaganda and monopolistic opinion spread by empires and media corporations should not be the use of the same means and methods for the purpose of attrition warfare.

This Fractal Longread was first published on as well as on Meeting Russia Blog.

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Lecture: The EU and the Rule of Law

On October 9th 2018, a lecture based upon analytical findings of the Method of Fractal Description was held at PICREADI – Creative Diplomacy in Moscow, Russian Federation. This paper summarises the most important findings and introduces the Method of Fractal Description as a practical tool for political discourse analysis to a public audience.

Political Narratives on Crimea
in German Language Media

It can be assumed that the inconsistent picture of political narratives in connection with Crimea is an expression of the accompanying political garbage can process of European government elites. The political narratives on Crimea are not the result of rational analysis; rather, they arise from the coincidental confluence of wishful thinking, value judgments, day-to-day politics, and the adherence to the order government elites have invented.

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Icons of the End of Cold War

A picture made world history and an event became an ingenious media coup ex post. Consensual construction of meaning and symbolic politics at the end of the Cold War illustrated by the example of the opening of the border between Austria and Hungary 1989.

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