Political correctness and intolerance: hypnosis starts in childhood

Political correctness and intolerance: hypnosis starts in childhood

The UN Climate Change Conference is calling many NGOs and international organisations to action, including UNICEF. In a recent contribution [1], parents are urgently called upon to act together with their children, because

"almost every child in the world is at risk of at least one of the climate- or environment-related threats to health, nutrition, education and development, as well as their own survival."

Once this threat scenario is put in place, it is easy to argue further:

"It is urgent that we all take active action to keep the world livable for our children. After all, the climate crisis is a man-made crisis. The more the climate catastrophe progresses, the greater the danger for children. Compared to most adults, they are much more vulnerable to temperature changes or diseases and less able to survive extreme weather events."

Watching TV instead of showering

Some time ago, I wrote here [2] about how state-controlled media in particular is influencing children and young people for Corona vaccinations. However, it does not stop there. The encroachments of technostructure and state apparatuses on the youngest are increasing massively - for the German-speaking world I can say that with certainty. A foray through the media offerings of state ministries, educational institutions, NGOs and communication portals shows that education in political correctness begins in kindergarten. Where words alone are not enough, facts are created.

In the German city of Freiburg, the municipal council recently decided by majority vote that children in municipal kindergartens and primary schools should in future be given exclusively vegetarian food [3]. The heated discussion about this, however, focused more on the fact that the menus will be more expensive in the future and less on the question of how to provide children with a balanced diet during the growth and learning phase.

Besides climate change, the energy crisis is currently high on the agenda when it comes to early indoctrination. The children's section of Swiss Radio and Television explains that Switzerland could face a harsh winter because.

"most of the electricity that Switzerland has to buy in normally comes from France and Germany. However, it is no longer as certain as in previous years that these two countries will be able to supply this electricity. In France, most of the electricity is produced in nuclear power plants. At the moment, however, only half of these nuclear power plants are running. The other half is shut down because it needs to be checked or repaired. (...) In Germany, the problem is that quite a lot of electricity is produced from natural gas. Germany normally gets most of its gas from Russia. Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, that has changed: Germany, like many other countries, sides with Ukraine and demands that Russia stop the war immediately. The Russian government does not like that. That's why Russia is supplying much less gas to Europe right now. It may even be that no more gas is being delivered at all."[4]

The moderator also immediately offers the children a solution from this threat scenario by having them solve a quiz question: What needs more electricity? Watching television for ten hours or taking a shower for ten minutes? How perfidious is that? Who needs personal hygiene, the main thing is to stay online! I hardly know a child who wouldn't give a "thumbs up".

Invasion of bodily integrity

Recent studies show that screen time among children is increasing rapidly. According to a recent meta-study, that's 84 minutes more per day per child worldwide since the pandemic began. This corresponds to an increase of 52%.[5]

However, how could indoctrination from childhood work better than via mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs or video games? What better way to influence consciousness and behaviour as early as possible? Education for politically correct behaviour mercilessly intervenes in the most intimate areas of children and their families. Gender roles and family structures are destroyed even before the growing person can become aware of this.

The "Rainbow Portal" [6] is an internet service of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in Germany. Here, children are told before they reach sexual maturity that they should take their time and try out whether they feel more comfortable as a girl or a boy. In addition, they are advised to talk to their doctor about "puberty blockers" if they are unsure: "These drugs make sure that you don't reach puberty. This means that your body does not develop any further. Neither in the direction of a woman. Nor in the direction of a man. This gives you more time to think. And you can think in peace: Which body suits me?"

Criticism of this approach is immediately nipped in the bud. Recently, biologists and doctors publicly criticised the transgender ideology of the children's programmes of the public broadcaster in Germany in the newspaper "Die Welt"[7]. Children are "sexualised too early and obtrusively" and indoctrinated contrary to the facts. The result was a huge uproar in the social networks and a row at the Springer publishing house [8].

Whether climate change, the Ukraine war or the energy crisis: the few examples mentioned show that independent critical thinking is to be prevented in children before it can even develop. It is replaced by indoctrinated ideas. Even the youngest children learn that if they do not obey this dictate, they do not belong!

Particularly dramatic are the interventions in the bodily integrity of children and adolescents - be it in the course of the Corona measures (or the corresponding vaccination), be it with regard to the sexual maturation of young people.

Children have - as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [9] would have it - a right to freedom of expression, a right to health and a right to parental care. These rights are being trampled on by state and international organisations. They use - without any legitimacy - private sector means of civil society to exert state pressure and coercion.

Media platforms and technostructure companies promote this policy of indoctrination and division, because this is the only way to destroy social structures and control society in a capitalist way. Children should learn this from an early age, because they are the future.

This article was first published in Courrier des Stratèges on November 10th, 2022.