State of the Union 2022: The Speech Ursula will Never Give

State of the Union 2022: The Speech Ursula will Never Give

On 14 September, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen began her speech - with reference to Ukraine and Russia - with a key sentence. If we look at this sentence from a different perspective, the alternative speech script almost unfolds itself.

Dear Europeans!

This is a war on our energy, a war on our economy, a war on our values and a war on our future.[1]

We, the high representatives of the European Commission, with the support of a good part of the governments of the Member States, with the connivance of the European Parliament, have started this war and are waging it without compromise. We are acting as vassals of the United States of America, as agents of high finance, the arms, pharmaceutical and digital industries. And, yes, we are proud to have finally brought war back to Europe 80 years after World War 2 and 30 years after the Balkan War!

What do we care about our common history? What do we care that we share a continent with Russia? [2] We have another agenda to fulfil, and that is to transfer the sovereignty of states to banks and corporations. We have already made a lot of progress here.

European states have fortunately already lost so much state sovereignty through the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent euro crisis, the 2015 migration crisis and the Corona crisis that they no longer want to escape the control pressure of the international banking and financial sector. Therefore, they are happy to support measures that serve this sector and its goals. We support this by implementing the toughest economic sanctions ever and leaving no doubt that they will be permanent.

Ladies and gentlemen!

It must be our common goal to decouple monetary and currency policy from the Member States and to hand over the states to those institutions that have taken over monetary and financial policy control in their place. An economically efficient sovereign state generates surpluses through its state action. This must now come to an end once and for all. For only over-indebted states that no longer generate surpluses actually lose their state sovereignty. We have already achieved good results with Greece and Italy, and I am sure that other states will follow. At the beginning of the year, the states of the Eurozone were already 13 trillion euros in debt, which corresponds to the amount of the economic output of the states concerned. Keep it up! According to a study by the Institute of the German Economy, France, Spain and Italy can expect further debt by 2041. [3]

Ladies and Gentlemen!

With our engagement in Ukraine, we can even accelerate this process, thanks to the selfless support of our American friends. The economic situation in Ukraine has been anything but stable for the last ten years. Even before February 2022, it was clear that this state, which was disintegrating in exemplary fashion, could be the prototype for a complete restructuring by the technostructure. The member states have therefore funded these efforts made by the World Bank, IMF and EIB to date to the tune of 19 billion euros, not including military support. And I can only assure our Ukrainian friends here today: The uncompromising way in which you are implementing the transatlantic agenda is both a model and a mission for us. We stand by you and can only learn from you!

All these measures, ladies and gentlemen, are fuelling the debt, and that is a good thing! At the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, public debt as a percentage of GDP was 95.6% in the euro area and 88.1% in the EU. [4] How pathetic Russia is, on the other hand, with a national debt of about 20%! [5] However, Putin and his central bank chief apparently wouldn't have it any other way.

I said at the beginning that we are waging a war against our energy supply. This step is important and right, because it benefits those who need it most now, that is the energy companies and international high finance. For only when inflation shoots through the roof can the international financial system secure its global dominance and sovereignty.

Starting from the United States, high finance (still) holds two trump cards to secure global hegemony and eliminate competition before it can become dangerous. Firstly, there is the US dollar, which is still an important reserve currency. On the other hand, there is the control over the SWIFT system. However, this supremacy is threatened by two developments: First, by the enormous amounts of money currently on the market - experts speak of five to six times the current global value added. On the other hand, it is the competition from cryptocurrencies that is increasingly worrying high finance.

This is where we come in, ladies and gentlemen, because we consider it our most noble task to do everything we can to secure the global hegemony of the technostructure. We have already sacrificed our national banks to this cause, but that is not enough!

We need an artificially controlled "crash" that will enable high finance to impose its interests in the most controlled way possible. The reduction of the enormous money supply is only possible through high inflation and - connected to this - a devaluation of money. How can high inflation be achieved as quickly as possible? By the means of high public debt, by high energy prices and by a supply crisis!

We have already taken care of the high debt together with the member states during the Corona pandemic. However, since we want to achieve the highest possible inflation, we need skyrocketing energy prices and a real supply crisis. Under the heading of "Ukraine war" and "energy transition", we are joining forces in order to secure high finance's control over Europe and to establish complete digital control over financial flows.

I would like to take this opportunity to explicitly thank Christine Lagarde - it is only thanks to her continued procrastination that we can now proudly look at such high inflation rates, exploding energy prices and a veritable supply crisis. Every day that Christine continues to procrastinate, we move a little closer to our goal.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Europeans!

We have done our homework, but there is still a broad agenda ahead of us. Only when Europe's economy is destroyed, its societies impoverished, its political structures shattered, can we claim that we have won the war against our future. Because let's face it, the Morgenthau Plan wasn't all that wrong after all!

This text was first published in: Le Courrier des Stratèges on September 16th, 2022